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LIVESTREAM - Tylko podczas mszy świętych i nabożeństw (During Mass times only)
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Najbliższe transmisje:
- Poniedziałek, Środa, Sobota: 9:00
- Wtorek, Czwartek, Piątek: 19:00
- Niedziela: 17:00 (sobota), 8:00 (English), 10:00, 12:00, 13:00 (St. Mary's - no live transmission)

Pierwsza Komunia (12:00, 20 czerwiec 2021):
First Communion (2:00 p.m., June 20, 2021):

Parish History

In 1953, the polish community in London was growing slowly but surely. Under the wise leadership of Msgr. Francis Pluta, a polish parish came to be. Our Lady of Czestochowa polish catholic church was built in 1954.

Fr. Peter Sanczenko become the second pastor from 1973 to 1983. During his pastorship, few changes were made to the original church.

In 1983, Fr. Mitchell Kaminski took over the leadership of Our Lady of Czestochowa parish and also undertook some renovations to the church. The church had became too small for the growing polish community in London, partly because the parish had sponsored thousands of immigrants from Poland. The existing church was unable to accommodate the 2000 or so families.

In 1992, Fr. Adam Gabriel was appointed as the fourth pastor of Our Lady of Czestochowa parish. Shortly after, plans to rebuild the church became reality. On June 23, 1996 the newly rebuilt church was blessed by Bishop John Sherlock, the Bishop of London. The polish community is enjoying the new church and attendance has grown considerably. Our pastor finds great pleasure in working with the polish community in London to maintain our polish culture and Christian traditions.


Episcopal Ordination:

Msza Prymicyjna, Our Lady of Czestochowa:



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